Rocket M5 Point To Point Setup

Good day!

Your standard point to point link on a Rocket M5 is a rather simple process,
Today you will see step by step on how to configure,log in and setup a standard point to point link using rockets.

First things first
Change your IP Address into the IP Range – EXAMPLE :

Into your web browser (Chrome,Firebox,IE)
Type into the address field, this is the default IP Address of the Rocket M5.


Once you have done that you will be redirected to the landing page :


On this landing page you will use :

Username : ubnt

Password : ubnt

Also Pick your Country of Residence as well as your language Preference, Remember to Agree to terms of use at the lower part of the page.

Once done Hit Login

Awesome!, We are now logged into our Device.

It may all look a bit confusing but do not worry one bit, its all alot easier than you think.

Head Straight to the Wireless Tab :

 Once in the Wireless Tab :

We will need to setup one as the Access Point and One as the Station.

Lets start with the Access Point :

This will be where your data comes in.


Our Wireless Mode : Access Point

WDS : Disabled

SSID : Your Access Points Name (Make it different, may be other devices out there)

Country Code : Your Country

IEEE : Mixed A/N

Channel Width : 40 mhz (If you struggle to obtain a link drop it to 20mhz)

Frequency : Auto / Static ( If you are aware of interference you can use a manually added frequency)

List : Enabled

Gain : Up to you (More gain on antenna more power,more distance)

Output power (This is the physical power the radio is giving out)

Data rate – Deafult

Max TX : Automatic

Now for the Station Side : 


On the station side,

You will be matching all your access points settings.

The only difference here is that you will see next to SSID There is a Select button.

Once Pressed you will see a list come up.


Once you see your Access Point (SSID you gave it)

Select the Correct one (Marked by Circles) and Scroll to the bottom and Press LOCK TO AP.

Once that is done head to your main tab and see if your link is up.

You will see a signal bar :


If you see this, your link is up and running

Also you should see traffic on WLAN :





Thank you for reading and I hope this helps.

Please comment if you enjoyed this and if you have any other devices that you would like guides for.

This is your basic configurations to get a link up and running

They can go a lot more indepth and will be covered in another guide.


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